Mobile Pro III

Mobile Pro III

It is a non-PC, touch and key, sector-specific designed POS Terminal:

Especially preferred by large, gardened and multi-story enterprises; enabling the orders to be takenat customer’s table and sending the details both to the kitchen and to the cashier  instantly.

Standard Features

  • SW/HW Integrated POS system structure
  • 3.5 “(8.89 cm) TFT- LCD, splash-proof, high-contrast, touchscreen providing excellent image for outdoor spaces exposed to bright day light
  • Industry-specific, waterproof, magnesium- light alloy, durable hardware
  • Both touch and key use
  • Ability to work alone without being connected to Access Point
  • Possibility to run unlimited terminals in the same establishment
  • Access up to 300 m
  • Longer battery life than previous models
  • Mifare and Tagit readable transponder card reader
  • Tilt Sensor

Optional Features

  • Customer Display Screen
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