A web-based Back-Office program. It is a stock and cost control system that is suitable for Restaurant, Fast-food, and Cafe type businessesandsuitable for chain business with multiple branches or franchises.

  • It follows up the inventories of the enterprises as per the company-branch-income center-depot basis
  • Works as integrated with Vectron
  • Product sales information from branches are automatically updatedwith branch warehouse stocks, providing required daily theoretical stock levels of that store
  • Reduced inventory costs by providing controlled purchasing
  • Warns themanagementabout the warehouse discrepancies
  • Distributes operating costs to prescriptions with detailed prescription analyses and provides cost analysis of each product
  • Enables enterprises to access any information in the desired date range thanks to itsrobust reporting options such as month-end profitability, inventory, detailed and special consumption etc.,
  • Provides seamless flow and efficiency in chain enterprises, especially with back office integration
  • Increases business revenue by 2-5%
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