Reliable and permanent solutions in point of sale (POS) automation.

Established in 1996, Omni Software and Hardware Trading and Industry Inc. provides the point of sale (POS) automation for food and beverage enterprises such as restaurants, fast-food suppliers, pastry shops, associations, coffee chains, nightclubs, hotels, school canteens etc. Omni Inc. is the only main distributor in Turkey, Cyprus, Turkic Republic and Middle East region for the Germany based Vectron AG,the largest integrated system manufacturer of the world POS market.

Our goal is to optimize your processes, time and investments in your business.

Unique reporting that gives you complete control over your business
Fully integrated and automated stock control to save time
Loyalty system and marketing tool sets to increase revenue
Smart investment with hardware designed for durability
Proactive alerts and web / mobile reports for business on the go
Compliance with leading 3rd party integrations and regular development
365 days 24 hours support and complete product training from the technical team

Omni in Numbers!

Notice the change in your business using Omni POS systems.
20 +
Years of POS System Experience
24 x7
Technical Support!
1000 +
Satisfied Customer
Hardware and software manufactured with German tecnology
Cloud POS system suitable for businesses of all sizes
Back Office software provides inspection, reporting, remote administration...
In addition to POS systems, Omni offers printers...

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